Virtual server


SSC Virtual server environment provide resources “on the run”

SSC Virtual server

Upgrading RAM, CPU and storage is only on call or email away.
Technical staff are specialized in server configuration and provide you the best serversolution upon your requirements.

Setup and configuration:                                      Included
Environment, power, temp,
Bandwidth/traffic, etc.                                          Included
1-4 IP addresses                                                      Included
Traffic limits:                                                            Unlimited traffic

Hardware 4 hour resp./24/7                                 Included
Tech mail/phone support 8AM-4PM                   Included
Tech onsite support 1 hour resp. 8AM-3PM       NOK 400,-/20 min (USD 70)
Tech onsite support 1 hour resp. 3PM-8AM       NOK 3600,- incl. 2hour work. (USD 600)

Additional terms:
Delivery, 1 week from first payment received.
Three months  payment in advance.
Payment via bank transfer preferred.

Please contact us to start the process aiming in on the Norwegian market.
We`re looking forward to doing business with you.